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    I need help with installing Windows with BootCamp
    This is kind of a multi part question...

    Part 1:
    So I've been trying to run Windows XP on my Mac for a while now. And I was able to get it to work, but there was no sound. And also I tried to install a game that was only 600 MB or so. I had partitioned my C: drive or whatever. I only partitioned 5 GB because I thought that would be enough space for AIM and one game. But halfway through the game installation it said, "An error has occurred. Not enough space on selected drive" or whatever. So I go and check, and I only have about 80 MB left of free space. Is this a problem or do I just need to partition more next time?

    Part 2:
    So I decided to delete the partition, and start over.

    When trying to restart and run Bootcamp and install it or whatever. I think it's called "booting from the (Windows XP) disc" or something. And when I click the disc to boot from there, all that shows up is a flashing white underscore-type line thing in the top left corner. It is sooooooo annoying, and I can't fix it. My friend was able to start it by restarting my comp a million times (this is how i got it to work the first time, the one with the 5 GB partition), but I figure that's not healthy for my comp, and I am really running out of patience for it.

    Please help... I'm so sick and tired of wasting long hours each day (literally) just trying to get this bs to work.... All of my free time for the past 3 months has been spent at my computer just googling, restarting my computer, burning discs, and downloading.

    I am willing to take any bit or scrap of info you have.
    Thanks in advance.

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    This may sound like a stupid question, but you did install the drivers after installing Windows, right?

    5GB is really low for an OS installation, I would recommend 10GB at the very least, 15GB or more ideally.

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