Hi all!

I've been trying to connect my Xbox360 to my computer as a Media Center extender for a couple of months, searching forums and everything, but I can't seem to get it done... I'm running Windows Vista Ultimate on my Mac using bootcamp. I keep trying to connect it starting on the Xbox. I get a code and it tells me to go to my computer and ****. Then I follow all the steps up till the point where it's searching for extenders (after filling in the code) then it says: Extender not found. I'm starting to get pretty desperate now, so who can help me?

This is what I've done so far:
I've opened all the ports on my router (TCP: 2869, 10243 UDP:1900, 10280-10284).
I've enabled UPnP.
I've opened some additional ports (TCP: 80, 3074, 53 UDP: 88, 3074, 53)

Oh and my Mac is using a wireless connection, while my Xbox is using a cable. They're on the same network, cuz Windows Media Player sees the Xbox.

Hope you can help me!