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    Mac Video RAM Support on Window XP on Parallel App
    I've got the new Pro Evolution 2009 on Windows.

    I used Parallel to install Windows XP.

    Through looking at the requirements the new Macbook Pro has enough video ram and RAM to run this game effectively. However, when entering the game it gives me this message:

    Your computer does not meet the minimum specifications necessary to run this software.
    You may experience errors during operation.
    The video card does not have the necessary specifications. (Vertex/Pixel Shader 2.0)

    I am not sure how to make windows recognise Mac's video driver.

    If anyone can assist me, that would be much appreciated.


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    For many games you will need to install Windows in BootCamp.

    Neither Parallels nor VMWare Fusion support all aspects of the video card.
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    The virtual machines all create a "virtual" video subsystem, which is different from the physical card installed on your Mac. For applications that require full graphics hardware, you should install Windows on Boot Camp, as indicated above. This is true whether you are using Parallels, Fusion or VirtualBox.

    While these products say they have 3D support, it is limited and is an inherent part of current virtual machine technology. You have to remember, these programs literally create a "virtual" computer, complete with "virtual" hardware. That means, for example, you can copy your VM to a disk and carry it with you - which is why all the virtual hardware has to be the same for all virtual machines, so they can be used and read anywhere. As a result, your individual computer's video hardware is largely irrelevant since these programs create a virtual graphics card.

    I hope that helps the explanation.


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    Thank you.

    I understand now. I have now installed Boot Camp.

    But I have another problem which I hope you can help me.

    Since I have lost my original disc that came with my Macbook Pro (either it is leopard or restore disc) I think I do need it in order for me to install the drivers onto Windows.

    Therefore if anyone can help me in telling me how to get past this, that would be highly appreciated. Since I can't think of any ways to get the video and other hardware components working.

    Thank you.

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    If you lost your original installation media for your MBP, you should order another set from Apple. Sooner or later you'll need it anyway. In the meantime, most drivers are available on the Web. Here's one place that you can download from: Link

    Or, if you have already installed Windows you can download the Boot Camp 2.1 update from Apple. That will include latest drivers. Link


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    Thank you Chscag!

    I am trying both ways. But the second one, getting the file from Apple Support. It does not seem to work. After downloading the file, I went on to Windows, tried to open it, but no response. Just wondering is there something which I have missed out in doing?

    Hope you can help...

    As for the disc, do I just contact Apple and they will send me a new one accordingly? Through Technical Support? Or I have to buy it?

    Thank you,

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    If you downloaded the Boot Camp 2.1 update you can't install it unless the drivers from the DVD are already installed.

    You will most likely have to pay for the new disk.

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