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    Boot camp partition stopped working
    I am running a 2.15 GHz Intel iMac 10.5.6 OSX. I have been running widows XP on a boot camp partition for a couple of years now and have had no problems. Last night I loaded VMWare Fusion 2.0 and tried to use my Bootcamp partition for the VMware as instructed by the video tutorial. It started to load just fine but after the initial windows start up screen the VM window went black and I never got the screen from windows to log into windows. I tried again after shutting the vm down and it gave me the error screen that windows failed to start do I want to start in safe mode, last know good or normally. I chose normally and it did the same thing...after the initial windows booting screen it went black. Again I shut vm down and relaunched this time when asked I chose safe mode. I was able to get to my windows desktop but only in safe mode. I then tried to get into my windows partition the normal was via reboot to the boot camp partition and I experienced the safe issues. I am now unable to log into my windows partition in any other mode than safe mode. I tried to reload my drivers from my Leopard OSX disk but its says my administrator settings wont allow that...but I have only one account on the windows side and it IS the administrator. Please can anyone help me recover from this and help me get back into my windows bootcamp in normal mode. Thank you in advance for all your help.

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    Forget about loading drivers while in SAFE mode. It's not going to let you do it because the executable program to load drivers that's on the Leopard disk does not recognize SAFE mode.

    Anyway, that may not be your problem. Fusion sometimes corrupts the XP boot sector when attempting to use the BC partition as a VM. Usually, the hidden system file "boot.ini" either gets overwritten or even moved. You probably need to do a repair of your Windows installation. Break out your original Windows install media and follow these instructions:


    or Link

    If the above doesn't work, you may have to either reinstall Windows or remove the BC partition and start over.


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