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    Unhappy Problems with Parallels
    I am running Parallels 4.0 with XP Pro SP3 on a MacBook Pro 2.4 GHz and Leopard with 4GB Ram, all are fully updated versions.

    Therein lies the problem, Parallels recently updated automatically and I now find that Windows is occupying close to 30GB of disc space after I installed Parallels Tools as I was required to do with the update.

    Can't get a response from Parallels having tried a number of times over the past week. I have been through all settings and all seems sweet although I find that now I can't change any settings for memory or disc space.

    Parallels was running okay prior to this update. Hence my extreme frustration when I now find that there is little or no disc space to run applications.

    I have Boot camp set up with a 31.9GB partition and 32GB for the expanding disc space in Leopard which I used before I installed Parallels. Both partitions are running Windows, although the Boot Camp version is SP2 and will not accept SP3 saying there is not enough memory.

    Has anyone out there had a similar problem? If so, did you find a way out of it.

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    Only thought here is that I had an update to Parallels that asked me to back up the whole 15 GB VM before the update in case it failed. I hit the defaults without really paying attention. Result was a file called /users/Shared/Parallels/hostname (Backup) on my HDD. I deleted it and was able to get the 15GB back. Perhaps your system created a backup before the update and stuck it somewhere not so obvious. Maybe look around in Spotlight using the date you updated and see if anything big suddenly appeared? Another thought is that perhaps "hibernate" is enabled in Windows and that is eating up a ton of space? Just some ideas... Good luck!
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    Thanks for the advice, unfortunately this solution doesn't apply, seems there is no back up. Have been put onto the following link so am trying it out. There has to be a solution out there!!!
    [GUIDE]: Making your windows folder smaller! - Neowin Forums

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    On my V3 version I see an option in Edit>Virtual Machine>Configure>Hard Drive>Advanced>Recreate (increase) the HD size so this is what I would try. I think Parallels is getting bloated and has a backup made from the V3 to V4 upgrade. I have not made the jump (Have the disk but..). Try extending the HD size here.

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    Tried all and a few other things, seems the simple solution was the one that cleared most. Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Disc Clean up.
    Cleared temporary and offline files and am now back to 10.1GB occupied disc space. Hope this sticks, if not it may be a regular thing to do as maintenance. Or do a clean install - which I don't particularly want to do.

    Any advances?

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