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    Disabling track pad while on Windows
    Hey all,

    I have recently begun using Boot Camp to use Windows XP. I use it only for gaming since gaming on macs is still to high to hope for . However, i only use a USB mouse when im using windows and it gets annoying having the trackpad active. Is there a way to disable the trackpad?

    Thank you in advance.
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    I don't remember seeing a way to disable the trackpad when booted to Windows. You might look for a driver update for the trackpad but it would have to come from Apple. Are you using Boot Camp 2.1?

    Also, how does the trackpad interfere with your gaming while using a mouse? Unless you lay your hand or palm on it while playing.


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    Yes, i am using Boot Camp 2.1 and have not looked for trackpad updates. It is purely a 'want' and not a 'need'. It interferes when my left hand is resting on the number keys and the right side of my hand is sliding across the trackpad making the mouse move on-screen. Like I said, if there isnt a fix for it then i will learn to live with it.

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