I posted this in another thread...but that that starting a new one might get it more attention:

I'm a longtime Mac user...and finally took the plunge recently purchasing a "Intel" based Mac (Is it really still a Mac with an Intel processor in it??? Ha ha!).

In any case, my main reason for purchasing an "Intel Mac" was to be able to do my "normal" Macintosh activities, and to be able to boot into Windows to play games that either take a long time to be ported to the Mac...or to play games that were never ported to the Mac.

I will most likely play Windows games that are on the "deep-discount" shelf at computer stores, or games that may be 1-2 years old, and are selling cheap...and were never ported to the Mac.

I purchased a one-owner Mac Pro "Quad" 2.66ghz, 3 gig ram, X1900 graphics card.

I'm absolutely a "newbie" when it comes to Windows, and very confused regarding which Windows OS package to purchase and use with bootcamp!

Can folks please explain what the Pros & Cons are with each option?:

- Vista 64 bit?
- Vista 32 bit?
- Windows XP 64 bit?
- Windows XP 32 bit?

Please keep in mind, my main purpose for running Windows is to play older Windows games (maybe 1-2 years old)...but who knows, I may want to run newer games as well.


- Nick