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    Problem with boot camp on my Mac OS X 10.5?
    Hi everyone in this wonderful community. I'm new and desperate so excuse me if I made a thread on the wrong category I'll be brief:
    I was running Boot Camp on my mac, because I want to run OS X and windows at the same time. So much software I have that just won't work on my mac. I have 148 GB HDrive, 2 GB Ram and this comes from a Macbook

    - I used Boot Camp assistant, first step was to partition the hard drive, I did it and selected 32 GB option. I HAD 52 GB OF FREE DISK SPACE.

    - For some reason there was a power outage and my mac had at that moment 0% of the battery. So when the partition was at 60% progress or something like that. My mac turned off...

    Then I restarted it when the lights went on again, and everything looked nice, like before I even ran Boot Camp.

    My common sense told me just to run again BCamp and it was like nothing ever happened with the partition but.

    When I read how much disk space I had, the machine said it was just 27 GB, that's not good cause at the beginning I had 52 GB, so as the partition just got to the 60% of 32 GB... I lost that disk space, and I want it back. My disk is semi-partioned, as I can use the GBs I lost, not even to run BCamp

    What I have to do? Please Mac gurus, guide me!
    I'd want to run windows and mac, and also I'd want to have my disk space back.

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    First, try to run the Boot Camp Assistant from OS X, select "create partition", then select "restore". If you're lucky, the BC assistant will restore the unfinished partition back to OS X. If the BC assistant gives you an error or some such, you may be forced to use Disk Utility.

    By the way, never do any hard drive work - partitioning or the like without a fully charged battery and a complete backup of your hard drive. Power outages do happen, as you found out.

    Post back and we can go from there.


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