I have a G5 running Sys 10.4.11. I have been using an HP all-in-one 1500.
I had no problems until this morning. I had switched the printer to my Toshiba laptop and had to run the installation software on the Toshiba. I logged on to Mac and a Sys 9 program and tried to print and got a "printer Error" message. I remembered my printer was plugged into the laptop. I shutdown and swapped cables and rebooted the Mac. Printing from Sys 10.4 works fine. When I try to print from any programs in Classic I get "printer error" or "please use chooser to select a printer." I had never gotten this message before when printing worked. I tried selecting any printer with 1500 in the description. Dialog said turn on apple talk," then, "apple talk cannot be opened," then, "to turn on apple talk open Network preferences and turn on Apple Talk." I can't find a folder called Network preferences. If I click on another printer called HPaioPrint I get <no printer port> <no modem port> and background off, and apple talk active or inactive. I tried reinstalling printer driver, rebooting etc. no help. If I open System Preferences and click on Network, I get a message that "Your network preferences have been changed by another program and I can't get out of the dialog unless I hold my pointer over the red X and hit return and click fast to close the dialog. Anybody have an idea what's going on?