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Thread: Problems with Safari for Windows and flash (on PC)

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    Problems with Safari for Windows and flash (on PC)
    Yeah, I know 'boo hiss' that I use a PC and if you want to drum me out I'm okay with that

    I installed Safari for Windows which I am really enjoying (minus a couple of features which would be nice that I have in IE or Firefox, but can live without). The problem I'm encountering is with Flash.

    Flash will work fine for a little while, then it will stall out and any site using flash none of the flash bits will work, like redirecting, or in games on facebook - nada - flash just stalls. Closing and reopening doesn't work - I have to reboot the entire computer and then 'maybe' it will work again for 20 minutes, only to stop working again.

    Does anyone know of any fixes for this?

    I've uninstalled and reinstalled flash several times. Flash works no problem on Firefox (it's the same plugin, but still have uninstalled and reinstalled).

    Operating system, Windows Vista Ultimate on PC.

    If anyone can help, or maybe direct me to another site or forum that may be able to help. I would really like to use Safari as my main browser, but it's just not going to happen if I can't have the flash functionality.

    Thanks in advance

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    No Boo or hiss. Many of the folks who post in this forum also own a PC or several PCs.

    Anyway, to assist you with Safari for Windows it's best to get on the Apple Safari for Windows forum and ask. Yep, Apple maintains a forum for their applications that are for Windows.

    Go here.

    And next time you're out looking to buy a good machine, consider an Apple!


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    Wonderful - I was hoping if no one could help, that someone might know the right forum to go to.

    Thanks VERY much

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