There is some good news: Because of the Windows 7 Beta that will be published in the near future Microsoft has put up a new "Microsoft Update-Catalog" at: Microsoft Update Catalog

This includes many updated drivers for hundreds of hardware interfaces including Broadcom WLAN drivers and Nvidia 9600M GT drivers that are found on the current Macbook (Pro) models.

Especially the Broadcom driver is very interesting:

1. It finally enables full 300 mbit/s 802.11n support, whereas older drivers (including OS X) only connect upto 130 mbit/s with many routers. Whatever the driver does to switch 300 mbit on it even stays on when you reinstall the older drivers!

As a drawback you cannot use channels 12 and 13 anymore (in Germany) as this driver seems to be made for the USA only.

2. It dramatically improves DPC latencies

From this (Bootcamp Broadcom driver version

To this (Broadcom driver version

I would still advice to turn off WLAN when doing critical Audio work, but at least you only have to do it for special circumstances now.

The Nvidia 9600M GT drivers are version 177.48 and thus slightly newer than the Bootcamp ones. Unfortunately they shows about the same DPC Latency behavior as before. So for critical Audio work you still have to fall back to the "Standard VGA Drivers".

PS: Curiously the new driver version of the Broadcom drivers resembles what OS X reports as "Firmware Version:". Even more strange Windows 7 Beta comes with a driver version that is one day younger, but less performing than the version 5 drivers.