I have a copy of Vista Home Premium 32-bit I'm ready to install on my new aluminum MacBook. The reason I haven't installed it yet is because I don't know how much space I should should partition. I'm mainly going to be using Windows through Fusion to access my photo editing, basic video editing, and audio mastering programs, and I know I want Fusion to run through the Boot Camp partition. My hard drive is 250GB (but 232GB after formatting), and I have a little less than 180GB left on the drive. I plan to be using Windows and Mac programs together, so I want all of my files to be on the same internal drive. When you're running in Windows, can you access the Mac part of the hard drive and when you're in Leopard can you access the Windows part of the hard drive? If this isn't possible, can I can use my external hard drive I have set up with Time Machine to access files in Windows without interfering with Time Machine and the files in it? Also, if the Windows side were to catch a virus, would it only effect the Windows partition of the HDD? And would the removal of the virus and getting the computer fixed need to be done by Apple or could a local PC repair tech fix the problem? THANK YOU in advance!!!!