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    Urgent Help: Setting up wireless card and keyboard
    Hi people!

    Need some help here! I've managed to successfully install Windows XP 64-bit on my MacPro, and everything is working fine, except two things: wireless connections and keyboard.

    Lets keep this simple:

    1. Keyboard

    The keyboard is working fine. I mean, I can write with it, etc, yet I can't seem to use the 'Apple shortcuts' on it, like volume control, eject disks, etc.

    I've tried to install the drivers through the OSX Install CD, and the software says the keyboard is installed, yet it doesn't work. As a matter a fact, this is the wireless bluetooth Apple keyboard, and the Bluetooth icon doesn't even appear on Control Panel.

    What can I do?

    2. Wireless

    This is my major problem. I really need internet on this computer, yet I can't seem to setup the wireless card. I mean, it doesn't even detect it!

    What can I do? I've tried to search for drivers on the internet. Following the OSX System Profiler information, my wireless card is a Broadcom BCM43xx. This way I've searched for drivers hoping that WindowsXP could find the wireless card later. But... I've encountered a bunch of problems.

    - One of the files I've found was called 'Broadcom_43xxwl_drv4100155.exe' . I've downloaded it (45,8MB) and tried to installed it on WinXP. An error appeared. It says I don't have the hardware installed on the computer, and the program closed (?!)

    - I've also downloaded other files. One of them was a .ZIP file with three files inside - ; b57xp64.inf and b57xp64.sys. How can I install these files in order to setup my wireless card?!

    And... what else can I do?!

    I really, really, really need help on this. If you could help me I would be eternally grateful to you!

    Thank you very much!

    P.S. - some info regarding my system:

    Apple MacPro 2x 2.8Ghz QuadCore ; 6GB RAM; NVidia 8800 GT 512MB; Apple Cinema Display; WindowsXP 64-bit

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    I can keep it very simple: XP 64 bit. Driver problems, lack of drivers, hardware detection problems, and on and on.....

    Sorry, but the only help I can offer is to get rid of XP 64 bit and either switch to XP 32 bit or if you really need a 64 bit OS, choose Vista 64 bit instead.


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