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    Error message for Boot Camp partition
    When i boot into Vista at the boot ing Windows Vista black screen, i get an error message that says...

    Warning: unrecognized partition table for drive 80. please rebuild it using a Microsoft-compatible FDISK tool(err=4)
    System tyhpe is NTFS, partition type 0x7

    then it goes, and lists that a couple more times, then it boots into Vista.

    This is the whole issue...
    I just had an internal drive crash, so I purchased a 1TB and installed it into my 2ghz iMac. Everything went great, and now I am in the midst of reinstalling all my apps. I then partitioned the drive for 53 gigs with Boot Camp and installed Vista 32bit with sp1. And when I boot into the Boot Camp partition, that is the error I get, but then it finally after listing that about 4 or so times boots fine into Vista. I have installed many things now on that partition under Windows and everything seems perfect with it, it is just I get that error.

    Will this cause any problems? Will Disc Utility read any errors with that partition on the Mac side?

    Anyone seen that before?


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    this can be caused by using a pirate copy of vista that is trying to bypass activation.

    if this is not the case here are a few suggested fixes:

    1. here SOLVED: Unrecognized Partition Table for Drive 80 |

    2. a program called EasyBCD located here

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    haha, this is certainly not a pirated copy.
    I needed this for my business, first Microsoft product I have ever purchased in my 20+ years of being an Apple user. Ruined a beautiful streak!

    When I get home I'll give those two links a try and see if that fixes the problem.

    Thanks a lot!


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    good deal. Either one of those links should work. I hope the situation gets fixed.

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    I've done it! But, my vista installation is not genuine. How i can make it genuine.. I've read from many forums on the internet. After i run the Microsoft Vista Activator and restart my comp. I got the blank screen and appears an error msg like before but the product key is work well. How can i change it? If i install one of them, they back like before...
    any solution?

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