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    Excel 2008 is insanely slow
    I created a relatively large excel spreadsheet in a quantum mechanics lab on Slater type orbitals on excel 2007. The computer I was using was a very old dell desktop pc running XP. Using my data and charts was smooth and didn't lag even slightly. However, when I use the same file in excel 2008 on my new aluminium macbook 2.0 with OSX 10.5 it runs absurdly slow. I have performed all possible updates and it doesn't help in any significant way. Is there any way to make this faster or is this just an inevitable result of running a Microsoft product in OSX. I don't know quite enough about the crossover between platforms to know.

    Here is the file if anybody wants to try it out on there own.

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    Yup, painfully slow in Office 2008 for Mac. Don't ask me why, but my very robust machine hangs and pinwheels just moving through cells or zooming in. It's quite awful!

    On the other hand, if I open it with OpenOffice, it works quite well. Everything moves as one would expect of this class of machine. Man, I love OpenOffice - I don't think I'm ever going to buy another copy of MS Office.
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