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    There IS a way, i have done it. Granted, i did it by accident, but what happened was.

    I was transferring files from my Mini to my external (connected via usb) hard drive (which happened to have two different installations of windows on it), after i had uploaded them i did something stupid, i turned my external hard drive off by the switch before i ejected it.

    a message came up saying something like "external media was disconnected before it was ejected, data during transfer might have been lost or corrupted"

    i didnt think much of it but when i tried to restart the mac, it wouldnt boot. it just went to the white screen before the apple logo appears and it would go off it.

    i then put my external hard drive back into the mac and turned it on again and tried to reboot, nothing happened again. i then tried rebooting and holding escape and it came up with the black screen and asked me what installation of windows i wanted to boot into like it did on my pc. i selected one and it successfully booted into it and ran fine, i even played a game on it.

    Then it was a big issue on how to get my OSX back up and running. (After i unplugged the hard drive) I tried lots of things, but in the end all it needed was for me to reset the PRAM and VRAM, but ever since i fixed it i cant seem to re-do it. Its really frustrating cause i know it can be done, i just dont want to have to break my Mini every time i want to do it.

    Anyone know of another way without taking up any space on my mini's hard drive, cause i have hardly any space left.

    thanks in advance

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    Even if you somehow accidently booted to Windows on your external hard drive by some quirk of the system, the fact remains that Microsoft has designed Windows to only boot from an internal hard drive. Yes, there are work around methods which have been posted on the net but none of them are legal and all violate the MS EULA.

    If your hard drive in the Mini is running out of space, replace it with a larger one. Prices for large hard drives are not expensive.


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