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    Can a Windows PC 'see' files on a Mac HD?

    Does anyone know if files on a Mac hard drive can be accessed on a Windows PC by connecting the Mac HD to the PC as a slave?

    Or can those files only be seen by running a Mac OS ?


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    I never tried it as a slave drive, but I transfer files wirelessly all the time from both.
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    At least without installing additional software. (I've tried it before and just doesn't recognise it, asking if I want to format it.)

    Sharing Disks - Windows Products might have something useful on it. That HFS explorer might be good. Given that I haven't tried it out at all.

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    I have recently needed to do the same and bought a copy of MacDrive

    Mediafour | MacDrive

    This lets you see all Mac formatted drives (internal or external) seamlessly from within Windows

    They also offer a short trial - worth looking at


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    If you are going to actually put the Mac's hard drive into the PC, then you need Mac Drive like was suggested above. Great program.

    XP and Vista can not real OSX nor Linux's format for that matter. Over a network, sure, the computer is reading the drive and doing the translating. I have a large network of PC'a and Macs.

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