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    Bootcamp on new MacBook
    I was wondering if anyone has installed bootcamp on the new macbook. with the touchpad being different are there any issues.

    tap to click doesnt work on windows partition on a standard macbook and seeing how the new macbook has no button to click did they fix the issue or is it fully functional.

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    I have never done it but I saw a video somewhere where they used a three finger click for right-clicking, apparently it was all fine

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    It should be fine as you can assign one corner of the new touch pad for a right click. Or as Pepper0 suggested use a three finger click.
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    It does not work as well as I expected.

    You need to use a three finger click but in my case there is a significant delay on the response (nothing like my old MacBook Pro) or sometimes it does not respond at all.

    There is no control panel (that I could find) that allows you to tweak the touchpad settings; ie: you can't select the right bottom corner for the right click.

    I'm dissapointed that the driver was not updated and include multitouch gestures and multiple finger settings available on OSX. You need to press the pad to click and you can't just touch it like on the OSX side.

    I have yet to redo the Vista install in hope something happened when Parallels 4.0 was installed because I had to reinstall Bootcamp to get my Keyboard to work properly (backlight, volume, brightness) once Parallels was up and running and I returned to Bootcamp.

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