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    DRM Free through Linux on Parallels

    I live in Australia and don't have access to Amazon music store (US only).

    I have searched around for some alternative DRM free stores and found Wal-Mart and some others but they require Linux or Windows to install the software required to buy and download music.

    I really like iTunes store but hate DRM, and I am happy to pay for music.

    I have Parallels and wondered if I could run linux in a virtual machine, do all my music purchases via linux and run an apple script that copies the music in the linux partition to itunes on the mac partition whenever the folder changes, i.e. new music is added.

    I am aware, but not familiar, with folder actions but I wondered if it could work between linux in a virtual machine and OSX



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    What you propose can indeed be done.

    Are you aware that a significant portion of the iTunes tracks are now DRM-free? Anything labled "iTunes +" is encoded at a higher bit rate and contains no DRM.
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    Depending on the music you are looking for there is also Emusic, which is all DRM free.
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