I've just recently upgraded the HD in my MacBook Pro (2.1 gHz Intel Core Duo, 4 gb memory) to a 320 gb 7200 sata. 50/50 partitioned it to run Windows on the opposite side. I'm an editor and sound designer so having both OS' portable is a time saver. Not even a month goes by and my system must have collected a virus. Hi-jacked the system and caused the blue screen of death. Unfortunately I can't delete files from the Windows drive while booted in OSX. The drive is locked. So, I just cut my loses and tried reinstalled. First try formatting it in FAT32 got a disc error. Second try formatting it to NTFS got a "corrupt or missing hal.dll". I reformatted the drive through OSX and through Windows install CD unfortunately no matter what I did I kept getting the corrupt hal.dll message. I'm just going ahead and formatting the entire drive in a 7 pass secure erase hoping that it will clear the drive off completely.

Wondering if this drive is malfunctioning and if the 7 pass will even restore it. Any thoughts?

Thanking you in advance.