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    Recently I was working on some videos for someone and when I left them, I left a disc with all the files I had worked with for them, so that they could use some of it in the future. But, when they inserted the disc and tried to access the files, there was a disc failure and it won't read the files anymore, something happened to the disc.
    So the dilemma now is that I am living 3 provinces over from them and we can't find a good online file sharing service that will allow us to send much larger files, like video files (if that is even possible).

    So my question is, does anyone here know of a good (possibly free) file sharing website? A website that will allow all sorts of files, not just text based.

    I need to give these files to them ASAP. (Mail is the last resort but this is much faster if I can find a website that will do this.)

    thank you and have a good day.

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    Take a look here to get some idea of cost and size limit:

    You might be better off using a fast delivery service. Postal overnight, UPS, etc.


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    Have you looked at ?
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