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    Question Change application to open file types?
    Is there any way to set the default application for specific file types (like in windows) in Mac OS9?

    For some reason, my G4 has decided that .jpg files should open with Internet Explorer, instead of Quick Time Picture Viewer, and this has become rather annoying for a number of reasons.

    How can I tell it to go back to using the previous application for all ".jpg" extension files?

    (I have seen that OSX added this function in the file info window, but don't see it in OS9)

    Thanks very much in advance for your help.

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    In OS 9, there is an invisible "creator code" in each file which determines which program will open it. When you create a new file (say, in Photoshop) the program embeds its own creator code in that file. (So your Photoshop JPEGS will always open in Photoshop.)

    When you download a file off the internet, the creator code is determined by the settings in the Internet control panel. To adjust them, open the Internet control panel, click on Advanced, and click on File Mapping. Scroll through the list to find .jpg, and click Change.

    For files you've already downloaded, you'll need to modify the creator code. (The creator code for Picture Viewer is ogle, by the way.) You can do this with this AppleScript, for example.

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    back in os 9, I believe the creator code was also involved with the icon and app reference, like if a file opened in the wrong app, Id change the icon to something that opens in the app I want, and then it would work fine.

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    Thanks SO much... Typeator is oooh aaah simple and efficient.
    Just what we needed - perfect. (And I never would have known to use "ogle" -?!?- without your help!)

    However... and I may be pushing it here... is there any way to change file preferences altogether - i.e. to tell the OS to open ALL ".jpg" files with Picture Viewer, etc?

    In windows, this is a few clicks and you're done... how about in OS9?

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