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    Mac Newbie question: Changing display fonts
    With OS-X Panther, how do I change display fonts? (To be specific, my wife wants to have the display font in Office of Mac "Entourage" screen come out larger.)

    Big Thanks!

    Happy New Year


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    In entourage, click Entourage>preferences, in the preferences, click Fonts under the Genal category, set desired fonts and sizes there.

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    Thanks, Vincent.

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    P.O.I. - I was not able to change the display font in Entourage that way, Vincent. (Still appreciate your post though.)

    I called Apple Support and the guy said the only way to do a change for the display fonts in Entourage was to make a global change (all display fonts) by reducing the display-screen resolution. SoI did that (via System Preferences), reducing the resolution by one step -- and now all display fonts are bigger.

    Just thought I'dpass it along.

    All the best,


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