An interactive demo may helps a lot when you need to show software simulation or provide technical support to your customer, create e-learning course for students. No need of long and complicated explanation or capture many static screenshot one by one. Just show a step by step demo in real time. OK, let’s start.

1.Download a screen record software. Here we use FlashDemo Studio to show you how to create an interactive demo.

The software can be downloaded from the link

Double click the flashdemo.exe to run setup wizard.

2. After installation. Launch FlashDemo Studio and click New Record to start a new project.

3. FlashDemo Studio contains 3 main steps to help user to create and decorate their demos.

First Step. Screen Recording

Second Step. Edit and Enhance

Third Step. Publishing as Flash movie

1) Screen Recording

a. Select a capture mode

FlashDemo Studio features three capture modes for capturing on-screen actions for new projects.

*.Capture a single window: Select a specific window for recording, all your actions in that window will be recorded.

*.Capture an area of the screen: All the actions in the specified region will be captured.

*.Capture full screen: Everything on the screen will be recorded.

b. Specify preferred hotkeys, select enable or disable record sound during recording and specify a location to save your demo.

After specify the area on your desktop, click hotkeys to start recording.

2) Edit and Enhance

After finish the screen recording, FlashDemo Studio will turn back to its main interface. Here you can insert callout, shape, arrow, text, image, clipart, sound, action buttons etc. into the presentations to impress your audience and enable more interactivity between you and your audience.

3) Publishing as Flash movie

Once you've completed all of your edits in your FlashDemo Studio project, one final step is click Publish button to export the FlashDemo Studio source file (*.fdp) to Flash (.swf) file format.

View sample interactive demo from the link below. The sample will show you how to change screen resolution step by step.