Sometime you may need to insert an existing Flash movie to your PowerPoint presentation to enhance your slideshow. In general, there are 2 ways to do this.

1. Insert Flash movie into PowerPoint from PowerPoint control toolbox.

1) Copy your SWF file to the same folder where the blank or existing presentation was saved.

2) Open the existing PowerPoint presentation and go to the slide where you would like to insert a Flash.

3) Right click Tools from PowerPoint menu and enable Control Toolbox.

4) Click More Controls (bottom right icon) on Control Toolbox. Choose Shockwave Flash Object from the dropdown list.

5) Your cursor will change into a cross, hold mouse left button and drag to draw a rectangle. The rectangle is where the Flash will be located, you can adjust its size and location later.

6) Right-click the inserted Shockwave Flash control, and then click Properties from the pop-up menu.

7) Within the movie option, type the name of the movie without any path (since it is saved within the same folder as the presentation). Make sure that the Playing property is set to True.

2. Insert Flash movie into PowerPoint from FlashPoint.

1) Download and install FlashPoint,

2) Open an existing PowerPoint presentation, you will find FlashPoint button on PowerPoint menu (usually next to the Help option on PowerPoint menu)

3) Click FlashPoint button and select Insert Flash movie from the flyout menu.

4) Browse and specify where the target flash movie was located. Click Open to import it to the slide.

3. Can the inserted Flash movie also be captured when turn the whole PowerPoint to a single Flash movie for web distribution?

Yes, FlashPoint is a powerful PowerPoint to Flash converter, the flash inserted in original PowerPoint will be extracted and re-created into the final Flash movie accordingly.

see more details about converting PowerPoint 2007: