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    Running DOS with my mackbook pro
    Hello All,
    I just installed DOS box and am having difficulty creating a c directory to run this exe app for a video brick processor i recently purchased. I must preface this by admitting I have next to no skill in a dos environment.
    My first command is mount c . Well I have tried numerous commands to open up this exe to install the control software for this video processor.
    I type mount c home/philipb
    and mount c users/philip/downloads/brick1_software folder/EXE
    and it still keeps telling me know directory exists.
    Anyone have clear concise input on how to mount a directory so i can get this software cooking and rock some video installations?

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    Sep 05, 2008
    anyone know how to mount a directory?

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    Sep 05, 2008
    Well , if i remember correctly it should go as :

    mount c /Users/Philipb/xx

    What i do is usually create some special folder for dos games in the documents

    so would go as

    mount c /Users/Philipb(don't know if you use upercase on your user ... just type it as it is)/Documents/DOS .

    Hope you can get it to work , cheers

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