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    Arrow Connect OS9 to windows workgroup
    Hi all,
    I have an issue, I'd like to connect an old i-book clamshell with OS9 to a windows workgroup, but I do not have the DAVE client.

    I have some data I'd like to copy before I format and install OSX.

    I have tried to copy using a firewire and USB drive but I need to update FireWire 2.7 but this requires Mac OS 9.1 to be installed. Thus I would leave all the data right?

    When I select chooser, appletalk and select fixed IP on windows pc for example: of course I cannot connect using IP.

    OS9 has no smb or samba client to connect either, so how can I remove the data If I cannot attach to an external device or attach to a workgroup?

    If anyone has any ideas let me know

    Crossi007 neye:

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    You should be able to install File/Print Sharing for Appletalk if you have/know someone with Windows 2000. Dunno if XP has that feature off hand.

    You could also FTP your files if you have webspace and the files aren't too big.

    How about a USB CD burner? You can get those pretty cheap now a days.

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    Firewire and USB are independent so you should be able to copy through the USB port to an external device. Is there a hardware problem?

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