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Thread: Boot Camp Windows Start-Up Problem

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    Boot Camp Windows Start-Up Problem
    Hi, I was wondering if you could help me at all, my macbook has a start up problem as a result of an attempt to install windows using bootcamp on the system. The windows installation for some reason experienced a ‘disk error’ during one of the black start up screens, and so I stopped the installation , ejected the disc and then booted back up in Leopard OS and removed the partition on bootcamp (which I believe should have deleted any windows files left on the system from the attempted installation).

    Anyway, the problem is now, every time I turn the macbook on, its as if its trying to boot up with windows again, but its comes up with a message on the black (DOS) screen saying it can’t boot windows as some files are missing (or something along those lines). Therefore in order to tell it to boot up using MAC OS LEOPARD, I have to hold down ‘ALT’ instantly after turning the macbook on with the power switch. Then it allows me to select to boot with ‘Macintosh HD’. I have a feeling this should have a very simple fix, and would be very grateful if you could advise me how to resolve the problem and have it boot up with mac os automatically everytime, and not to try to boot windows. (I have since successfully installed ‘Parallels Desktop’ to run Windows, which works fine with no problems).

    So all I can think is that there are some sort of windows start up files or settings still left on the hard drive after running ‘bootcamp’ which need to be removed/ deleted or made not to be used in the initial boot up of the system. Tried verifying and then repairing disk permissions, both in disk utility and on the facility with the Leopard OS Disc running (by holding down ‘C’ when it starts up), but it doesn’t report any known problems with the hard drive or start up files . Also tried to run maintenance check/ repairs using ‘Onyx’, but no luck, its still booting up with the windows black screen with the error message.

    Any help would be so greatly appreciated, as it’s not really convenient having to hold ‘ALT’ everytime I wish to boot the macbook up

    Thanks in advance,


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    Well, to change that screen you can probably go to System Preferences> Starup Disk and make sure OS X is selected. As for removing any remaining Windows files... I can't see how they are there if the partition is gone either.

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    Hold down the option key during power up and make sure you Boot Mac OS. Remove the windows partition then start over again. This should work. I had a similar issue my first install of Windows. Now it all works perfectly.
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