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Thread: Help with Corel Photo-Paint 8

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    Angry Help with Corel Photo-Paint 8
    Hi guys,
    I am running Coral Photo-paint 8 Limited Edition on my trusty mac OS 9.0.4 but everytime I open the help files my computer freezes.
    I've tried reinstalling it and deleting the prefs, but the same problem.

    Does anyone have a fix for this or know of where I can download a user manual?

    Ta in advance
    Denim Girl

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    Painter 8 wants lots of RAM. I don't know how much RAM you have, and that may not even be the issue for you.
    Here is a list of things it could be:

    1. OS may need to move up to 9.2.2(download is free) and the firmware update for your system

    2. You haven't run "disk utility" in a while.....maybe you should try running it.

    3. Physical RAM/and or Virtual RAM in OS 9....might want to turn off the virtual and beef up the physical(this week PC100 128mb is $9.99 a stick at a store that rhymes with "Best Guy" this week).

    Give your system specs:
    1. System
    2. G3 or G4
    3. Amount of RAM

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    I've tried running my disk utility, disk first aid, conflict catcher etc etc to no avail.

    My specs are:
    iMac OS 9.0.4 DV 450mhz 64mb with VM on.

    The photo-paint requires a recommended 20000 and I've given it 30000. I've also increased the memory on the helper application which can only run from within the program.

    A few people have suggested I upgrade to 9.2.2, is this a complicated exercise? Do I lose any information that's already on my computer? Will I still be able to use all of my other applications? (questions, questions, questions, sorry about

    Denim Girl

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    Angry Got more RAM...still crashing
    OK folks,

    I went out and got more RAM....I have a total now of 192mb and this help file is still crashing my computer. I've tried it with VM on and with VM off.
    Any ideas?

    Denim Girl

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    Upgrade your OS and no you shouldnt lose any data by upgrading, but you should always backup regardless if you are upgrading or not.. always backup!

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