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    Question Bootcamp: switching secondary OS from XP to ubuntu
    I just got a new macbook (black 13.3") and after a couple days decided to install windows with bootcamp. Now that I have a copy of Office 2008 mac edition I would like to turn that XP (fat32) partition into a Ubuntu partition. Is there a way to do this without affecting my OS X partition? In short I want to turn a OS X & XP dualboot into a OS X & Ubuntu dualboot without losing anything on the OS X partition.

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    Here's what I would do: Remove XP using the Boot Camp assistant -> create partition -> restore. That will return the entire hard drive to OS X.

    Buy a copy of VMware Fusion and install the free Ubuntu 8.04 appliance. Run Ubuntu as a VM within OS X. No reboot required.


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    Thanks but I need a full install do do the work I need to do the kind of things I want to. You did help nonetheless, I'll just delete windows (which I didn't know could be done so painlessly) then install Ubuntu like I usually would.

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