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    Memory & Print Problems OS 9.2.2
    Hi Guys,

    I've been pulling my hair out with ongoing problems since I upgraded my operating system from 9.1 to 9.2.2.

    My Macintosh is a G4 purchased December 2000 (Model number M5183), running with 1.18 Gb of internal memory, printing through ethernet.

    I've been experiencing the following problems, but the main problem is I cannot print at all to any of my printers (I have two; HP Officejet 7140xi & HP Designjet10ps).

    Problem 1: Starts up with two beeps; first beep sounds then there is a delay, then another beep sounds followed by two icons - 'Icon 1' (attached) appears then 'Icon 2' (attached) appears. It never use to start up this way.

    Problem 2: Whenever I want to print to my designjet or choose it from the chooser I get window (Problem 2 snapshot attached) consistently coming up.

    Problem 3: When I choose my ‘HP Officjet 7140xi’ in the chooser, multiple desktop printer icons appear (Problem 3 snapshot attached). The only way to stop it is to put them in the trash & empty it.

    Problem 4: I can now see my Maxtor external drive on my desktop (which is great), but when I go to copy a folder of work onto it, it keeps coming across errors, such as (Problem 4.1 & 4.2 snapshots attached). I can only seem to copy across one file at a time, this is the only way to avoid an error window.

    Problem 5: I thought I’d reload my ‘HP Designjet 10ps software’ to see if I can get around some of the problems and halfway through the installation I get the window (Problem 5 snapshot attached) come up. I’ve reinstalled many times before and never had this window pop up.

    Problem 6: Trying to print any files from any programs, when I go into page setup, I get print error windows (see problem 6 snapshots attached).

    Problem 7: Sometimes when I run diskdoctor I get the window ‘not enough memory to complete operation’.

    Can anyone help or has anyone any suggestions.

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    have you tried allocating more memory to these apps?this also sounds like an extension conflict, have you recently installed any new software or hardware? also, in the memory control panel, are you using a ram disk memory option? if so, this can often cause memory errors and such.

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    When I had a similar problem it turned out to be bad RAM. Both 256 mgs chips on my iMac had gone bad. I was able to track it down by swapping in known-good RAM (although much smaller) and trying to reproduce the problem.

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    Do you have more than one system folder? Here is my guess for "some" of your problems, if you have more than one System Folder…

    You get icon 1 when the system that you have set as your startup system in the "Startup Disk" control panel is corrupt.

    If the above is true, then your environment is searched for a valid system folder. Icon 2 is displayed after a valid system folder is found.

    If you have this scenario then I would suspect that the actual system that is started doesn't contain all of the files required. (extensions, preferences, print drivers, etc.)

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