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Thread: ms remote desktop for mac

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    ms remote desktop for mac
    Hey guys

    I have a question and I'm hoping someone can help me out. I just purchased an older imac (g4) for home use and I'm trying to connect from this machine to an xp machine at my work. I'm connecting over a vpn. Just a quick history, originally my ISP was using DHCP and I couldn't even get the VPN connection to work, after I had my ISP switch me to a static IP my connection worked perfect. So now I can get the vpn to connect, but when I launch the MS remote desktop connection program and enter the ip of my work (xp) machine (or the computer name) it tells me it can't find the computer on the network... Interestingly enough I can connect via vpn from a windows machine to my work xp machine just fine. Any ideas?

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    i use a free program called team viewer. works great!
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    The IP number may not be the correct thing to enter to join a network under RDC. I enter something else for my work based on the domain name, not an IP address - you should probably check with your IT department to confirm.

    Good luck

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