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Thread: Windows crashed. GPT and MBR partition tables are different.

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    Windows crashed. GPT and MBR partition tables are different.
    Hi all.

    I have a Macbook with Mac OS X 10.5.4 and 160 GB hard disk. I have used BootCamp in order to resize hard disk and install Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 2 at a partition of 15GB. Everything was working fine until yesterday, when I have decided to install Ubuntu in order to have a triple boot. Before creating the new partition for Linux, I have installed rEFIt and dual boot with Mac OS and Windows was working fine.

    Yesterday, I have tried to resize the hard disk using "diskutil resizevolume", from the terminal of Mac OS. I have done this twice and the commands have returned error. Two partitions (3 and 4) with zero blocks have been created and after that, the partition for Linux have not been created and Windows have crashed. Mac OS is booting OK, but Windows no. Besides, I am not accessing Windows partition from Mac OS, since the "Windows partition" has type "Mac OS X HFS+" according to GPT partition table. I have removed the empty partitions (3 and 4) using "gpt remove".

    I have attached the report for internal hard disk, compiled by the Mac Partition Inspector. At the MBR partition table, the partition table for Windows has type "FAT32 (CHS)" and at the GPT partition table it has type "Mac OS X HFS+". How can I correct the type at the GPT partition table? At the MBR partition table it is the third partition; at GPT it is the fifth partition. Is it a problem? End blocks of the Windows partition are different at the two tables. Is it correct?

    I have also attached the ouput of fdisk.

    Thanks in advance for helping.

    Glauber Ferreira
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    Have you synched the GPT MBR partitions using rEFIt?? That should take care of your problem
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    I havenīt try this because I donīt know if GPT partition table is correct. How can I verify this?

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