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    install XP on a Mac mini?
    I bought a Mac Mini for the sole purpose of running the Video loops in our instore TV presentations.

    I was going to use Front Row but since you canot create video playlists nor loop videos in Front Row ...and everything that you can do this in is "too complicated" for the associates that will be using this.....i decided to program my own video player. I made it very intuitive and but it only seems to work right in XP and I can't get it to work right on the Mac Mini.

    So I was thinking of maybe just installing XP on the mac mini...the Mac mini came with the install discs so I think I could get Leopard back on it if I decided to later but I am not sure as I am a windows guy.

    so can I install XP on my mac mini?

    can I use the disc that came with Mac mini to re-install leopard later?

    Is there a particular way i should do this?

    is there a page or something that explains this somehwhere?


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    Just go to your hard drive in leopard, then Applications, then utilities. Click boot camp assistant. It will help you in everyway to install XP. If you've installed XP before, its just as easy after Boot camp assistant sets up your partitions.

    You can have both on your mac at the same time. I don't think you can only have XP though.
    - Richard

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