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    Windows iso file
    Hi everyone just recently bought a macbook, switching over from windows. But, like most people I will need to use some programs specific to windows so here comes my question. I have an iso image of windows xp pro sp2 saved on a ext hd and I was wondering if I can directly install that image file using either boot camp or vmware fusion. help would be much appreciated!

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    use the disk you made the iso from.

    if you don't have that disk, technically the iso is illegal and can't be discussed here.
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    well, I go to college and downloaded it off the school website. I also have the registration key so it should be a valid copy.

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    If you have the registration key from your school download, it's a legal copy.

    Why not just burn the ISO to a CD and install it that way? It should install without a problem if it's a full (not upgrade) copy of XP Pro SP2.


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    I believe that VMware Fusion allows the installation of an operating system from an iso...

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