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    Can not install Boot Camp drivers
    I have a new 3.06 ghz iMac that I intended to use for many things including gaming. So I asked here which version of vista to buy. So I ordered vista home premium 64-bit from and began installing it today.

    Everything was going fine until I tried to install the boot camp drivers while under windows using the mac os x install disc 1. An installation error stating that boot camp x64 is unsupported under the current computer model, and I could do nothing else after that.

    I contacted apple tech support and they basically said there is no way to install boot camp drivers on a 64-bit version of vista. So am I basically screwed and have to buy the 32-bit version to be able to use windows properly on my iMac? Any help is appreciated, I'm dying to start playing games on my new iMac .

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    Boffo machine and it should give you many happy hours of use and gaming when you finally get Windows installed.

    I'm afraid that 32 bit info is correct. If you go to your Applications/Utilities folders, there is a file "Boot Camp Assistant" which tells you what you need to install Windows in Boot Camp. On the first page there is a button, "Print Installation & Setup Guide" which is about 25 pages long. If you print it in pdf, you can read it without printing... it basically tells you everything you need to know and do to install, including what versions of Windows can be used, as follows:

    The Guide says you can install the following, "Windows XP Home Edition or Professional with Service Pack 2 or later, or Windows Vista Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, or Ultimate." It also has a note that says, "Important: You must use a single full-install Windows installation disc (Service Pack 2 is required for Windows XP installations). Do not use an upgrade version of Windows and do not install an earlier version of Windows XP and attempt to update it later to SP2. Use only 32-bit versions of Windows."

    Perhaps you could sell that copy of Windows...

    Sorry that you had that experience and I hope it turns out better on your next try. Maybe someone else on here has some better words to help you...


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    I agree with Noels. It's the lack of drivers which prevents it from being able to run on your new iMac. Don't despair though, as Apple will eventually support the 64 bit versions of Windows Vista.

    Put your copy on the shelf and dust it off once in awhile. In the meantime, buy an OEM full copy of XP SP2, install it and game to your hearts content.


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    Well I got Vista installed and instead of trying to run the setup.exe for the osx to install the boot camp drivers, I explored the contents of the disc and found individual 64-bit drivers that I could run for the graphics card, network settings, and some other things I can't remember at the moment.

    What I really need though is for a way to install the drivers for my sound card, as I'm using some realtek sound drivers that have been annoying so far, and drivers for my keyboard so I can use the volume buttons as well as the F keys. If I can get those I think I'll be pretty satisfied until apple starts supporting 64-bit copies of vista for iMac users, which I hope is soon.

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    where did you find those drivers on the cd. im in the exact same situation as you are, i cant find the drivers for anything on the unit.. i have the same imac as you do....

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