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    Linux Dual boot on 1.25 Ghz G4 Emac 1gb RAM
    I want to mess around with Linux, and would like to create a dual boot system. I would really like to not have to reinstall OSX to make this happen. A few questions. this could require lengthy replies.

    1. What versions are best suited for PPC Macs, and where do you get them?
    2. Do I create the Linux partition before I install, or does the Linux install take care of that?
    3. I want OSX to be the default OS, does the Linux install take over and make itself the default booting OS?
    4. I've heard about people booting Linux from USB Flash drives, is that possible with non-intel Macs?

    Thanks for any insight or newbie information/walkthroughs you may be willing to provide. I also have several PCs if the process would be any easier on a PC.

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    Take a look here:

    Also lots of other hints throughout the NET. Do a Google search.


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