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    VMWare Fusion on imac and macbook
    I just installed vmware fusion version 1.0 on my imac and everything works great. on my macook ive been running bootcamp and now want to install Vmware on it too, do i need to buy another disc to get a different serial number or can i just install the same one twice. I'm being very cautious as i don't want to divide Hd space and find that it wont work or muck up bootcamp already running.

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    You'll need to purchase another license from VMWare. It's one license per machine.
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    I actually purchased VMWare, and decided to checkout Bootcamp first since it was free. I haven't even bothered installing Fusion. If you're interested, I'll sell you my key unless you've gotten one from elsewhere.
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    I'm going to primarily use boot camp but have VMWare as well to transfer files between Windows and Mac, and log in quickly to windows if I need something without wanting to shut down osx.
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