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    I want to give a try to Linux and would like run it through an emulator before going through the whole partitioning of my very small HD on my iBook G4. First I have an iBook G4 1.2Ghz PPC with 1.25Ghz of RAM an a 30g HD. As you may know the specs are pretty much maxed out, RAM is full and HD expansion on this iBooks is a pain in the PATOOT. So what I have is all I can get from my trusty Mac. The problem is that Ubuntu is not installing on the emulator. I'm trying Q and VirtualPC and none is going through with the installation. I've been scouring the web on forums and sites looking for instruction or anything that will give me a clue about why is not installing but to no avail. I know a little about computers but on this I don't have the knowledge to decipher what is wrong.
    Here's an image of what comes up after creating the PC and doing all I know I'm supposed to do.

    I have dowloded various version of Ubuntu and tried it With the .ISO and a bootable CD that I burned myself.

    Can anybody Help?
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    Are you trying the Intel x86 version of the Ubuntu distribution or the PPC version? If the latter, be aware that VirtualPC emulates an x86 machine, so you'll need that version.
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