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    Imac and Parallels or Vmware Fusion
    I have had a Imac now for a few months and been very happy with but now i want to use a app but it is only Windows XP & Vista-compatible and i am not sure what the best solution would be.

    This is app is not a game it is called FairBot 2.21 which is used with betfair now they only way i can get this to work is if i use Parallels or Vmware Fusion or boot camp which would suite my needs best plus i have no idea how easy it is to install windows on a mac or if it is worth it can anyone advise as i realy do like my imac and wondring about virus/spywere etc


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    If you just want to run a single application, chances are you can get by without using Boot Camp.

    You can test drive either VMWare or Parallels to see which you like best. People tend to generally be 50-50 split on their preference for either one.

    I started with VMWare Fusion, tried Parallels and am now test driving the Fusion beta version (search for it on the VMWare site). Both are solid products.

    You will have to install Fusion or Parallels, then follow the instructions on how to install Windows to create a virtual machine (so have Windows disks and license keys handy). After that play with it awhile to figure out how to access the iMac's disk drives, internet, etc. Then install your application and enjoy running windows on a mac.

    The latest edition of MacWorld magazine had a decent tips and tricks article on running virtual machines, might come in handy if you can find it.

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    Ok. what happens if i do not like the Parallels Desktop 3.0 and then try VMware Fusion and i dont like that and then go to bootcamp were i woould install vista on a mac via partitoning the har drive and then decide na this is not what i want how can u put the imac back to it original state of just being a mac

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    Parallels is great, i use it with xp and its easy peasy

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    I'm going to be running Vista on Bootcamp, with VMWare Fusion as well. VMWare will be directed towards the Windows Partition, this is so I can quickly access windows if I need to, and transfer files from windows to mac and vice versa, but still restart with BC and have full graphics capabilities when using 3D CAD programs or even games.
    -Zach, A.C.T.

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