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    Darwine 0.9.60 released for Leopard

    Instead of having to compile or run a script to set Wine or Darwine up fully (fonts stuff mostly), I've packaged everything into a .pkg that installs the latest version of Darwine, FontForge, FreeType, and symlinks fonts from /Library/Fonts to the proper directory for Darwine to use. Enjoy!

    These builds are and will always be Intel only. Wine, and by extension, these builds of Darwine do not emulate anything. It is an API layer. For it to run on PPC, it would need to emulate some x86 stuff. This is what Darwine originally attempted to do in combination with QEMU, however it is no longer necessary with the switch to Intel.

    Be sure to have the latest version of XQuartz installed.

    Link to Darwine 0.9.60 download

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    Dec 04, 2008
    I had an older version of Darwine (1.0b) and an older version of X11.

    I replaced both: Darwine with 1.0.1 and X11 2.3.1.

    Now I cannot get anything to work that worked before namely: explorer 6 and Band in a Box.

    Please help

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