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Thread: IS there a "user guide" available to help install XP, Mac OSX & Linux on a PC?

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    IS there a "user guide" available to help install XP, Mac OSX & Linux on a PC?
    I have a spare PC on which I intend to install Windows XP Mac OSX 10, & Ubuntu 8. The purpose of this exercise is to give me a working Windows machine that I can boot into Linux & OSX to familiarise myself with them for networking & troubleshooting purposes, with the long term aim of moving away from Windows for good.

    I have partition Magic so formatting & partitioning the drive from another PC will be straightforward if it needs to be done in advance. Question is: What order do I perform the installs & when do I install a boot loader? I assume that this question has been covered before, probably more than a few times, but I'm new to the Mac-forum & can't find what I'm looking for.

    Any pointers would be appreciated.

    Regards, Al.

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    You can't install OS X on a non-Apple computer. It's against the EULA and, and against the rules of this forum to discuss it.

    Installing Windows shouldn't be much more difficult than popping in the CD and booting from it, then follow the instructions. You might want to format the entire drive in the process to clean it up. I don't know anything about Linux, so maybe someone else can answer that.
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    just so you know it is against EULA to install a mac operating system on a non apple computer so you will probably not get that question answered here

    i have never installed ubuntu so i am not familiar with how to install it.

    edit: fleurya you be me to posting about EULA

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