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    Question NDIF Disk Images
    I've done some looking around for a while and still can't find an answer to this one. Posting this as a last resort even though I doubt there's an answer to solve the problem.

    I've got a bunch of old disk image files I made back in '02 that have large graphic images of old artwork of mine. I archived them myself in OS 9.2.2, so I'm assuming I made them with Disc Copy 6.3.3. I burned them to multiple CDs. Later, I upgraded to OS X on that same desktop, but never tried accessing from that computer. I know they mounted fine when I was running OS 9 though. Now I'm running a G4 iBook with a super drive. I don't remember actually doing it, but now I have them all on one DVD which I must have made with this computer when I first got it a couple of years back.

    Now I'm trying to mount them to get some of those files out of there and I can't get any of them to work. Just says they aren't recognized. Along with trying to mount them in OS X, I tried mounting them in Classic with Disc Copy but that doesn't recognize them either. Refuses to try and convert them too. I know they are valid images because I made them myself.

    Is it possible they just got damaged in the move and they aren't salvageable, or can anyone think of something else I could try to get these mounted in OS X (I'm running 10.4.11, PowerPC BTW). Is there some way I can inspect the files to get more details on them? Any software out there that will mount anything you throw at it?

    Thanks in advance if anyone has any ideas.

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    One more reason to keep an old Mac around. You could then convert them to
    Jpegs and move them on a thumb drive, etc to a new machine.
    Good Luck to ya.

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