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Thread: iMac (333 MHz) - Recycle for DJing??

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    Question iMac (333 MHz) - Recycle for DJing??
    I've got this iMac sitting in the corner of my room, and I was going to throw it out.
    It's an old 333 MHz 32 RAM 6 GB so it's not that great.
    It's a nice funky green colour and I thought it would be a shame to throw it out so I'm wondering if there is any way of recycling it?
    I often DJ at a small VIP room and this would be quite useful to play my MP3s.
    Is there any simple software out there for a Mac that I could use for DJing?
    I'm not talking about beat mixing etc just fade in fadeout type software.
    also what version of Mac OS can this handle?
    so to summarise:
    is it possible?
    What OS should I choose (currently it's running some Japanese OS can't quite remember what version it is)
    does iTunes have any fade in fade out functions?
    is there any other software out there freeware etc I could use?

    If none of the above is possible what else could I use it for apart from a goldfish bowl, paperweight, (insert joke here) etc.


    PS is it possible to plug any USB keyboard into this machine or do I have to purchase a Macintosh keyboard and mouse?


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    Yes and Yes again, You could use more Ram,and most usb keyboards,mice will
    work, you could look on ebay for Imac ones. There are Dj apps out there, problem is that most dont interface with itunes from this era. Go to this site and look at the sound apps, most are for OS 10 but some there for OS9.

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