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Thread: Beige G3 + OS 8.6 + SCSI CDRW Drive need help

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    Beige G3 + OS 8.6 + SCSI CDRW Drive need help
    Hi, my first post here...

    I have a SCSI Beige G3 PowerPC and had a SCSI LaCie 4x CD burner. It died recently and I found a few LaCie 4x4x16 units. Trouble is, they don't work properly with my system.

    1. Only one or two sessions on existing disks mount, and

    2. The burner is not found when I try to write.

    I really don't know much at all about my Macs, so I have a couple questions:

    - Is it probably a driver issue? If so, how can I find drivers?
    - If I can't find drivers, is it possible to upgrade the OS on this computer?

    The internal CD drive in this computer is a reader only, and only works occasionally. I really need a burner, but can't waste the cash on units that may or may not work, so I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks!

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    Huh, I just opened the case, looked inside and see that the internal CD reader looks like ATAPI, not SCSI.

    I have some spare CD writers taken from PC's laying around, what are the chances one might work?

    Or, could I put a USB or Firewire card inside? What are the chances of my finding something compatible for a reasonable price?

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    Yes ,Yes and Yes. The Cd drive is IDE and if you can find one the Mac likes and will open throw the front slot it will work, I have a Mad Dog in mine,CDRW.
    You can istall a USB card and use an exteral drive. Upgrade to OS9 If you like,better USB drivers. I have Toast as the burning softwear. It will find USB and SCSI drives . Also the 24x CD mac drive all had problems and can cause errors as a spoon drive,you should replace it anyway.

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