Well folks, now that I'm also a Mac user I have been noticing a lot of Windows related issues on the forums here now that the Mac can run XP, I am offering up my personal Windows XP experience to all who need it, After using XP since it was in beta so long ago and going thru several installs, configurations and versions (XP Home, XP Pro and XP Media Center Edition 2005 which is basically XP Pro with additions) I have gathered quite a bit of XP knowhow.

If you require help with issues that even a thread cannot handle, do not be afraid to shoot me a PM and I can and will help you to the best of my abilities and if I cannot answer your questions, I can guide you to the correct resources.

Mac-Forums.com has helped make my Mac experience smooth and safe. I just want to give back in my area of expertise and no, I don't charge for help, all I ask is in return you help someone else out who might be in a pickle, doesn't matter if it's here or offline, just knowing your willing to help another out is awesome !