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    BootCamp not available anymore? (for 10.4.x)
    I managed to download version 1.4 last year as I heard rumours that Apple will remove it for download when Leopard comes out, well is this true? I cannot locate the latest version of BootCamp to install on my 10.4 machine.

    Question is shall I go ahead and install BootCamp ver1.4? if I do so, is there an expiry date/limitation?

    Question 2: what size partition is required to run WinXP? and this may sound silly but do I format it "MS-DOS"?

    Thanks all in advance for whatever help you can provide.

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    Bootcamp Assistant was only in beta testing during that time. All of the betas have expired and will not function. Those that used the beta to install Win on their machines still have use of their Win install, however, Bootcamp Assistant does not open.

    You will need Leopard for a working version of Bootcamp Assistant at this time.
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    I've heard if you change your date back about a year then the last Bootcamp beta will still install/run the assistant. It's unsupported but it will still work (so I've heard).
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    i'll try that, thx

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    I have just re-installed Windows to my machine by turning the clock back to before 30th September 2007, and it worked fine.

    You MUST however uncheck the "set time and date automatically". If you don't , your Mac will instantly revert back to todays date, and the install will not work.

    Have fun.

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    For installing second OS you dont really need boot camp.
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    I can also confirm turning back the clock does work, I tested it when we first found out that Bootcamp would expire.

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