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Chsmadden 04-18-2008 11:45 PM

Parallels Misfire?
Alright, I have a 17" MacBook Pro running 10.4.11. I put Parallels desktop on it so I could play FSX on long car trips. I have now removed the Windows virtual HD and I now want to install Fedora Core 7 on the existing parallels software, I read elsewhere (probably here) that all you need to do to uninstall an OS on Parallels is to drag the virtual HD to the trash. Well, I did that and it has removed XP Pro, but now I get a dialogue box every time I try to install Linux saying I need to initialize the hard drive. Now when trying to use BootCamp to install Windows once before, It said I had to remove all partitions before I could install XP (I did it). Then when you start it up it would play the Mac chord but start up only as Windows. But now I'm wary to delete any partitions. How do I delete all files of Parallels so I can do a clean install?

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