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    Unhappy Can't Create 4 Partitions on a Mac
    I have a Mac with 200GB for Leopard and 32GB for Windows XP. This was created using Bootcamp and everything works fine. I want to create two other partitions, one for Leopard and one for Windows XP. I am able to divide the 200GB partition into two using Disk Utility and am able to use it in Leopard. However, when I try to divide that third partition into two it destroys my Windows XP partition and no longer allows me to boot to it (no matter what format type I use upon partitioning).

    Is it possible to have 2 partitions for both OS on a Mac? This is what I want to achieve:

    80GB - iMac (Extended - Journal)
    70GB - Files (Extended - Journal)
    50GB - WinFiles (NTFS)
    32GB - Windows (NTFS)

    I've tried implementing this several times but I can't get it to work. Either it screws up my Windows or my Leopard OS. Any suggestions on different ways or the best way to approach this?

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    Ok, no replies. At least I know it isn't easy or can't be done. =)

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    I'm pretty sure bootcamp will only let you create a partition once. If you want to create 4 partitions I think you'll have to use disk utility, but you'll loose all your data. You'll have to reinstall everything again and start from scratch.

    Why do you want the extra 2 partitions for your files? It won't really give you any performance boost, if that's what you want.

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    I have users who does not want to learn OSX and would not like to use Parallels or Fusion so I want them to remain completely separate from the MAC side. I need the extra partition in Windows for security/backup/maintenance purposes.

    I am able to get three partitions working: iMac, Files, and Windows. iMac and Files are Extended - Journal partitions and my Windows is NTFS. If I divide either the iMac or Files partition into two using Disk Utility it screws up my Windows partition and no longer lets me boot from it.

    The actual steps I took to come up with three partitions are:
    1. Use Boot Camp to divide the entire 232GB iMac partition in to two: 32GB Windows and 200GB iMac.

    2. Install Windows XP and make sure I am able to boot to both OS X and Windows fine. After I have verified this I...

    3. Divide the 200GB iMac partition into two using Disk Utility: 100GB iMac and 100GB Files. Both using Extended - Journal format.

    4. Verify that I am still able to boot to both OS with no problems.

    5. Divide the 100GB iMac partition into two using Disk Utility: 50GB Files and 50GB WinFiles. There are times that I am able to do this, but after completing I am no longer able to boot on Windows. Or, I am not able to complete it at all. It will appear as if it is partitioning but it will run for hours and not complete.

    Maybe I am doing something wrong on the formatting portion. Should there be certain prerequisites when I format a partition to FAT or Extended - Journal? Should I first format it as Extended - Journal and then format it again as FAT or as NTFS in Windows? Or should I immediately use FAT before I reboot the machine and load Windows?

    My guess is it has something to do with the boot loader of MAC and the MBR on Windows and how Primary and Logical partitions are manipulated. I know I am doing something wrong but my understanding of partitions and boot loaders are not too great.

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