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Thread: Boot camp white screen

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    Boot camp white screen
    Help me please

    I don't use a mac but my friend does and he is currently trying to install XP on his iMac using boot camp

    it partitions his HD ok and gets the BOOTCAMP partition installed but when it tells him to insert the cd it boots to a white sceen and starts working for a little while then it just stops and he cant hear it working

    after words it boots fine into the mac OS X leopard environment but it wont boot to the CD

    also if it matters he used to have XP installed on it but then he deleted it for some reason

    and we have tried 2 XP CDs both of which my pc boots perfectly to
    any help would be appriciated thanks

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    Tell him to run the Boot Camp assistant again and to clear any partition he might have previously made. In other words, revert the entire drive to OS X once more.

    Next, have him run the Boot Camp assistant again and create the partition for Win once more. Also, before installing WinXP or Vista, make sure all external devices are removed from the iMac such as USB or Firewire drives.


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    Sorry to ask a basic question but is he booting from the CD?
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    Quote Originally Posted by smartyMAC View Post
    Sorry to ask a basic question but is he booting from the CD?
    to install XP to bootcamp

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